Welcome to our online video belly dance school! We are based in New York City and we offer drop-in bellydance classes, tutorials, courses and workshops from beginner/open level to advanced.

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NEW   Twisting Undulation: Intermediate-Advanced Belly Dance Technique and 30-min. Non-Stop Practice with Neon

in Drop-In Classes

NEW   Oriental Dance / Belly Dance Taksim with Fluid Accents - with Neon

in Drop-In Classes

NEW   Elastic Fantastic: To Morocco With the Stars Belly Dance Combination with Autumn Ward

in Drop-In Classes

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Stand-alone online belly dance classes 45-60 min. At this point all of our classes in this series are intermediate or open level.

60min + belly dance workshops. Intermediate-advanced or open level.

Multi-class belly dance courses. Beginner, intermediate, advanced or open level.


Beginner belly dance courses, drop-in classes and supplemental materials


Supplemental belly dance materials and knowledge base items. Open level. Some videos in this area (how-to for professional belly dance) are also available on YouTube.

Interviews with professional belly dancers about belly dance, and talk show format videos, also available on YouTube

Belly dance theme inspirational music videos, also available on YouTube

Bellydance performances by StarBellydancer instructors, also available on YouTube


As promised... a FREE CLASS!

Class 2 from "Lama Bada" choreography course with Neon (Level: Intermediate/Advanced)