"Belly Dance Basics and Beyond for Total Beginners" DVD with Jenna

"Belly Dance Basics and Beyond for Total Beginners" DVD with Jenna

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Bellydance Basics & Beyond is a 2 hr. 20 min. video / DVD designed to teach the fundamental movements of belly dance and encourage their practice in a wide range of dance combinations.

Jenna's methodical presentation of belly dance basics begins with POSTURE, the foundation on which dance movement is built. The BASIC ARMS section teaches you how to maintain and enhance a beautiful elongated body line through graceful positioning of the arms and hands.

WARMUP includes select dance moves and dynamic stretches and is designed as a light total-body workout.

The FOOTWORK section lays the foundation for traveling steps, focusing on a number of patterns, such as basic walk, 2-step and triple step traveling and ways to change directions.

ISOLATIONS of shoulders, ribcage and hips are building blocks of belly dancing movement. Jenna breaks down slides, lifts, drops, arcs and sharp accents. Some of these elements are dance moves in their own right, and others help to form compound moves.

COMPOUND MOVES are the essential vocabulary of belly dance - circles, undulations and figure 8s. Jenna's technique of building them from the smallest and most basic elements up, ensures that they are performed with effortless grace. Next, Jenna shows how to layer simple and compound moves on top of TRAVELING steps.

PRACTICE COMBINATIONS offer five 5-minute practice sessions made from many exciting bellydance combinations. As you follow Jenna, you can listen to the music together with her verbal cues or you can select the music-only option. This section offers a series of excellent technique drills and can be combined with the WARMUP for a fantastic 30-minute moderate workout. The last session contains stretches and can serve as a cooldown.