Style My Hip Drop Workshop with Autumn Ward

Style My Hip Drop! Workshop with Autumn Ward - 1 year rental -- $9.99


Style My Hip Drop Workshop with Autumn Ward

How many hip drops and double drops do you know? How many do you use? Our workshop today gives you options, and, more importantly, context for how, where, and why to use those options. Our primary focus is style and stylization, but because we need a solid foundation to create successful variations, we'll start with a mini-masterclass that walks you through technical specifications that differentiate each drop, and then look at variations for each—alignment, transition footwork, layers, ornamentations—and how those style choices further affect what your hip drop expresses. In part 2 , you will have the opportunity to try on and compare each hip drop choice in a follow-along technique flow. So, whether you are choreographing or improvising, you will be empowered with confident choices about where to go next. Level: Intermediate

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