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World Dance New York is about women’s self expression and communication through dance. Rooted in community rituals, dance is for everyone - for any age, body shape and skill level. We promote women’s solo dance forms to reclaim the enjoyment of dance as part of your everyday lifestyle. It’s about the authenticity of being yourself, and your relationship with your body, your spirit, and the universe. Our learn-to-dance how-to and dance workout / fitness programs span all levels - from absolute beginner through intermediate and advanced, and feature diverse dance forms from around the world - Oriental Dance / belly dance / Arabic dance, Spanish Flamenco, Brazilian Samba, Cuban Salsa, Hip-Hop, Bollywood and Country dance. Our programs also include how-to in modern and vintage theatrical and 'sexy' genres - burlesque, go-go, stiletto and exotic dance and showmanship.

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Stiletto Dance - Music Video Style, with Dana Foglia - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD - World Dance New York
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    Go-Go and Stiletto Dance

    THRILLS ON HIGH HEELS!!! GO-GO & STILETTO DANCE Go-go dance was born in New York City in the 1960s, and it had a well-established vocabulary of dance moves that emerged as a fusion of many dance forms popular in that era - Latin, disco, hip-hop, belly dance, burlesque, and more. Stiletto dance is inspired by dance routines you see in pop and hip-hop music videos - those ultra-feminine, passionate, candid, uncompromising and vibrant dances created by choreographers whose names you don't recognize and whose moves you love and want to learn.
Country Dance Workout with Elizabeth De Gennaro - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD - World Dance New York

Country Dance

Perfect in Ten: Pilates, 10-minute workouts with Annette Fletcher  - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD - World Dance New York

pilates, yoga, prenatal

Self Defense for Women, with Tayah Kansik - Techniques & Workout  - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD - World Dance New York