Diamond Cut Belly Dance: Precision Technique & Practice for Beginners with Irina - INSTANT VIDEO or DVD

Diamond Cut Belly Dance: Precision Technique & Practice for Beginners with Irina - INSTANT VIDEO or DVD

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Distinct from Western dance forms, belly dance requires a great amount of internal focus and precise and isolated muscle control.  There are many incredible torso and hip movements that are completely unique to this mesmerizing dance.  Created by New York City-based star belly dancer and belly dance instructor Irina Akulenko Diamond Cut Bellydance: Precision Technique & Practice for Beginners will help you learn the delicate and exciting nuances of belly dance as well as build on an overall strong dance technique from the very beginning.

Full two-hour-and-52-minute program on two-DVDs 

This program is divided into 3 sections. In the first section, after a thorough warm up, Irina goes over foundations of belly dance movement, breaking down 36 basic steps and isolations and leading a detailed practice with music.

Section two is a series of 21 drills where two contrasting or two similar movements are paired together into a short combination - you will love this! Irina focuses on one area of the body at a time, such as the lower body, and works with pairs movements that have only one key variation, such as opposing types of hip figure 8s. This section is a step toward mastering precision muscle control, and is a fun and challenging way to internalise the details of the moves you learned in section one.  

The final third of Irina’s Diamond Cut Bellydance program offers breakdown and practice of seven dynamic dance combinations, which vary in mood, tempo, length and level of difficulty.  Here, Irina plays with different stylizations, from an Oriental Dance flavor to a touch of Tribal belly dance style.  The combinations start off easy, but escalate in sophistication, culminating in an explosive drum solo choreography. This section will apply the graceful technique you learned to beautiful music, challenge your coordination and help you enjoy belly dance to the fullest!

Learning to belly dance is a fun way to rediscover and accept yourself, add confidence and  feel more in control,  more at ease in your own skin. Enjoy!

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