The Belly Dance Shimmy Workout - Open Level with Sarah Skinner - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

The Belly Dance Shimmy Workout - Open Level with Sarah Skinner - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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The Belly Dance Shimmy Workout is a beginner-level dance workout and instruction program created by star belly dancer Sarah Skinner. Shimmy, the delicate shaking of the hips or shoulders and chest, is an essential skill of classic belly dance, with endless variations in types of shimmy, shimmy techniques, and intricate ways of using them in dance.

Celebrated for her lyrical, romantic, sparkling dance style, Sarah offers irresistibly sassy belly dancing moves and combinations. You will lose yourself in the joy of graceful feminine movement charged with energy and inspiration.

Sarah's program offers a tutorial section introducing a wide range of belly dance shimmies at beginner level, and a workout of 6 five-minute shimmy practice sessions with stretches in between. The workout is designed so that you can do it as an hour-long class, or, if you only have a few minutes to practice your shimmy, you can choose from a array of 5-minute shimmy drills.

Sarah opens her program with a leg and ankle strengthening drill to make your shimmies bigger and steadier, so you can easily modulate the speed and the amplitude of your shimmy. This video section lays the foundation for solid technique to maximize your physical ability and prevent injury.

The workout shimmy sections layer shimmy on weight shifts and hip slides, adding graceful arm patterns to improve coordination. Sarah goes over ¾ shimmies and shimmy walks including the Arabic hip walk, twist shimmy, and layering shimmy on a wide range of travel steps. The video includes drills for better upper and lower body coordination - performing chest lifts, circles, and other upper body moves while maintaining a steady and supple hips shimmy.

Flirty and graceful shoulder and chest shimmies and Sarah's Choo-choo Euphoria, the belly dance running shimmy practice session, add to the full body workout and exhilarating sense of joy and freedom of movement. The final section of the workout is a review of all types of shimmies drilled in the program - it s a great technique refresher and a perfect tool for muscle conditioning.

The video features two versions of the workout: with voice cues and with music only. Additional sections include warmup and cooldown designed to lengthen, release, and condition your muscles for best dance performance with a special focus on the muscle groups responsible for maintaining and modulating the shimmy.