"Wave Explosion: Belly Dance - Hip-Hop Liquid Fusion with Anasma" 2-DVDs

"Wave Explosion: Belly Dance - Hip-Hop Liquid Fusion with Anasma" 2-DVDs

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Liquid Fusion is a style of dance that builds on the similarities of belly dance and hip-hop isolations and techniques, and explores blending these two popular dance styles.  In her Wave Explosion instructional program, Anasma helps you explore the Liquid Fusion style as she seamlessly blends belly dance and hip-hop dance with a special emphasis on waving. Wave Explosion is a continuous flow of dance combinations and drills designed to commit new techniques to your muscle memory and improve your strength and muscle control.

This program has been created for belly dance and hip-hop dance artists around the world by Anasma, the innovative Paris- and New York-based dance artist and instructor who developed the Liquid Fusion style. Whether your first love is bellydance or hip-hop, Anasma invites you to expand your dance vocabulary and enrich your style through bellydance-hip-hop fusion.

If you study and perform Tribal Fusion belly dance, you know that Tribal Fusion borrows extensively from hip-hop techniques such as waving, popping and hip-hop footwork. The Wave Explosion program will give you more ideas for finding and enriching your own style within Tribal Fusion.

If you are a popper, from a beginner to an advanced dancer, you will benefit greatly from the knowledge of hip and torso isolations used in bellydance. Adding these fusion elements to your dance will propel you ahead both technically and in terms of developing your own signature moves.

The Drills and Dance Flow section of Anasma's program (120 min.) consists of non-stop drills gradually building sequences of bellydance and hip-hop moves into smooth combinations where both dance styles are fully integrated. The combinations fall into a choreography demonstrating the full aesthetic potential of the Liquid Fusion style.

The in-depth Tutorial Section (100 min.) is co-taught by Anasma and Future, a trend-setting New York City hip-hop instructor. Future teaches the philosophy, concepts, and techniques of hip-hop waving, while Anasma demonstrates combinations bringing together elements of hip-hop waving and bellydance. Interpreting movement from the perspective of waving, Anasma combines Bellydance isolations and shapes (such as circles, figure-eights, and twists) with other movement styles within the hip-hop genre of Popping: Popping, Dime-Stopping, Locking, and Tutting.

The performance section features Liquid Fusion style choreography and improvisation by Anasma, and hip-hop freestyling by Future and Megatron.