Warrior Princess: Advanced Sword Belly Dance, Isidora Bushkovski

Warrior Princess: Advanced Sword Belly Dance, Isidora Bushkovski

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Isidora Bushkovski's 'Warrior Princess" belly dance choreography teaches advanced sword dance technique.

This choreographic instruction teaches a sophisticated sword dance vocabulary, in the context of story-telling through belly dance.

The program contains Isidora's step-by-step breakdown of her dance, and practice-with-music for every combination.

Full theater performance in costume by the artist.

Music: 'Circle' by Solace.  

Advanced Level


Isidora's performance

Concept: Isidora explains the Warrior Princess theme

Tips on dancing with the sword

Body conditioning for sword dance

Choreography demonstration

Demonstration from the back

Choreography step-by-step

This choreographic instruction is also available on DVD: Look for World Dance New York's FANTASY BELLYDANCE: MAGIC