"Tribal Revival! American Tribal Style Belly Dance Variations" DVD

"Tribal Revival! American Tribal Style Belly Dance Variations" DVD

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The Tribal Revival DVD offers intermediate instruction in the American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance group improvisation format created by Carolena Nericcio, director of Fat Chance Belly Dance. Designed by Mimi Fontana, founder and director of New York City’s Manhattan Tribal ATS collective and sister studio of Fat Chance Belly Dance, the program blends classic ATS moves of Fat Chance Belly Dance with signature steps and combinations developed by Mimi and Manhattan Tribal. The Manhattan Tribal combinations embody both tradition and innovation within the ATS format, adding modern flair to the mesmerizing flow of Tribal Style dance.

Tribal Revival - American Tribal Style Belly Dance Variations and Combinations opens with a technique review featuring slow and fast drills of individual ATS movements. In the combinations section Mimi offers detailed breakdown of ATS moves from various levels of both Carolena Nericcio’s instructional format and Manhattan Tribal’s own moves and cues, and weaves them into 7 combinations - 3 slow and 4 fast. Each combination is taught step-by-step with improvisational cues as performed by duets, trios, and quartets of ATS dancers. Extensive drills of each combination enable group practice.

Mimi’s teaching style is precise, generous and supportive; her attention to form and detail that enhance the magic of American Tribal Style will help you polish your technique and deepen your expressivity as an ATS performer.

In addition to teaching group format, Mimi Fontana seeks to expand the application of ATS moves and combinations in solo performance by including solo versions of each combination, each with its own solo drills for practice. This added feature offers Tribal Fusion soloists the opportunity to review their Tribal style belly dance technique and enrich their dance vocabulary with classic ATS and Manhattan Tribal moves woven into beautiful sequences.