Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Style Sampler - 3 DVD Belly Dance Set


Enjoy three different styles of Tribal Fusion belly dance: The West Coast Indigo-style Tribal Fusion of Rachel Brice; the East Coast Tribal style of Sera Solstice, and the bi-coastal Fluid Tribal style of Fayzah.  Each of these DVD programs offers a muscle-conditioning technique warmup/practice, movement drills, and belly dance combinations (breakdown and practice).  Learn from three amazing instructors with unique performance and instructional styles.  Treat yourself to stylistic discoveries and fall in love with Tribal Fusion bellydance three times!

Serpentine: Belly Dance with Rachel Brice (DVD)

Lunar Belly Dance: East Coast Tribal, with Sera Solstice (DVD)

Fluid Tribal Belly Dance with Fayzah: Swirling Waves, Fierce Isolations, Hits & Breaks (DVD)

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