Tribal Fusion Belly Dance - Focus on Pop & Lock - 3 DVD Set


Three of the most striking features giving Tribal Fusion belly dance its futuristic edge and mysterious look are strobing, ticking, and the robotic accents and freezes borrowed from street hip-hop.  They create an impression of non-human, mechanical precision.  A number of belly dance star performers and instructors who are also extensively trained in hip-hop have focused on adding popping and locking to belly dance -- creating their own unique personal style. 

While robotic moves are a signature element of Asharah's style, taught in-depth in her program, the Modern Tribal Belly Dance DVD is a thorough guide to all aspects of Tribal Fusion technique at the beginner level, with a wide range of killer drills.

Having extensive training in hip-hop, jazz, and a BFA in modern dance, Elisheva  created the Belly Dance: Pop & Lock DVD to teach in a manner that incorporates popping and locking into bellydance in a competent, technically solid, and aesthetically consistent manner.

Fayzah takes the robotic edge in Tribal Fusion belly dance to the level of image-building in her Android Goddess DVD.  Rule your world as a robotic goddess, skilled at waving, ticking, hitting, and dimestopping, moves that come from popping styles, mime, street performance, digital music, and illusion effects.

Modern Tribal Belly Dance (DVD)

Bellydance Pop & Lock: Tribal Fusion (DVD)

Android Goddess: Tribal Fusion Belly Dance (DVD)

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