Tribal Fusion Belly Dance - East Coast Tribal Belly Dance 4 DVDs

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance - East Coast Tribal Belly Dance 4 DVDs

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The amazing Sera Solstice is the creator of the East Coast style of Tribal Belly Dance and the founder of the flourishing Solstice Studio in New York City.  Sera's approach to belly dance features an emphasis on infusing movement with meaning, breathing holistic intent and emotive projection into dance technique while cultivating dynamic, graceful, and visually high-impact belly dance movement.  Sera's instructional style is extremely warm, nourishing, generous and personal - the foundation of her success with the Solstice Studio and the deep impact of her style on Tribal Fusion belly dance on both coasts.

This collection offers 4 programs, each one containing Sera's signature technique warmup/practice, movement breakdown, and spectacular East Coast Tribal belly dancing combinations.  Sera's choreographic material, with its versatility, the depth of meaning that permeates every gesture and step, and its inspirational power, is sure to take you a step closer to finding your own creative fulfillment in dance and in your own spiritual path.

4 programs - don't hesitate to buy  all four DVDs: There is no repetition, no monotony - Sera's creative mind is an endless source of beautiful, diverse movement reciting poems of life's daily struggles, wisdom and spirituality.

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