"Total Self-Defense Technique for Women" DVD with Master Lee

"Total Self-Defense Technique for Women" DVD with Master Lee

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Total Self Defense Technique for Women is created by Master Lee, acclaimed Tae Kwon Do instructor, creator of the J. Lee Tae Kwon Do System taught at his Los Angeles studio, and longtime Captain and Trainer of Korean Tigers, the world’s most renowned mixed martial arts performance team.

Master Lee teaches simple and effective self-defense techniques from a practical, realistic angle. The program covers a range of real life scenarios and addresses both physical and psychological aspects of confrontation.

You will learn about the most typical attack tactics and how to correctly assess risk and escape from personal danger by employing defense techniques derived from martial arts.

Each defense tactic carries its own risks affecting its potential. Master Lee teaches you how to select which defense tactic to use by classifying the body targets of self-defense moves into 3 groups of increasing risk: Targeting the first group has the greatest potential for defeating your attacker, but not in every situation will you have the chance to target the first group. Understanding your attacker’s vulnerability is crucial, and you will learn how to do that.

Every defense move is explained, shown in detail, and then demonstrated by Master Lee and Yesenia Adame. Sections teaching and analyzing individual defense techniques are followed by defense move combinations that put together strikes, blocks and escape moves.

Master Lee breaks down techniques for strikes (fingertips, punch, palm hand, back fist, elbow) and kicks (front kick, roundhouse kick, side kick and knee). Then he teaches escapes, twists, and throws, and analyzes the psychological principles underlying situations of physical confrontation, including the body language you need to convey a readiness to defend oneself as opposed to a passive, victim-like stance.

Escape moves and twisting releases are designed to trick the mind of an attacker with unexpected directional changes and angles, and address various grabs, such as arm/hand, waist/shoulders, collar. Master Lee teaches you to use your whole body to gain advantage against a stronger attacker.

The program also offers a strength training workout, stretches and self-defense technique drills.