"Thrills in High Heels - Stiletto Dance Nightclub Style" DVD with Lady M

"Thrills in High Heels - Stiletto Dance Nightclub Style" DVD with Lady M

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Thrills in High Heels - Stiletto Dance Nightclub Style is a social dance instruction program created by Lady Morrighan (Morgan Marcum), US-based star instructor and performer of sexy dance styles from bellydance to exotic dance to pole dance and more.  Lady M teaches steps and styling for social-style dancing in any nightclub or party setting, with the emphasis on moving gracefully in high-heel shoes.

The dance moves in this program are selected to make you look your best on the dance floor.  The moves are easy to learn and safe to perform in your stilettos.  Once you’ve practiced them at home to both slower and faster music tempos, you will enjoy dancing without losing your balance, stumbling, or any other high-heel mishaps that compromise your comfort in a social setting.

Being confident on the dance floor involves knowing your moves well and practicing them - no matter how simple they are.  Your goal is to store the moves in your muscle memory, so your dancing looks effortless and skilled, and so you enjoy yourself without worrying about whether you look good while performing this or that move.  The added challenge of wearing high-heels can amplify your stress and undermine your confidence.  We tend to think of social dancing as easy by definition, and that is true, but looking your best takes practice.  Once you’ve invested in a gorgeous outfit and beautiful makeup, it’s only natural that you should match them with skill and grace in your dancing.

Lady Morrighan covers all the basics of wearing high heels - how to select shoes comfortable for walking and dancing, how to try them on, and how to walk, turn, climb stairs, and step off curbs gracefully.  The Graceful Walking section addresses common mistakes of posture, stance, and movement while wearing high heels, and allows you to practice walking before proceeding to the dance sections of the program.

The Dance-Along section combines instruction and practice for a wide range of sexy, elegant, feminine dance moves and combinations, taught step-by-step at a slow tempo and practiced at a faster tempo to different types of club music.  You can dance following Lady M’s voice cues, or select the music-only option and enjoy the carefree party vibe of the Dance-Along.

If you and your friends enjoy social line dances, give extra attention to The Down South Shuffle and The Wobble with Lady Morrighan!  The Line Dances section teaches all the steps and step variations for these popular party dances and allows you to practice them in heels, following Lady M.

Thrills in High Heels - Stiletto Dance Nightclub Style also includes a section of stretches to relieve discomfort caused by prolonged high-heel wear, and ankle strengthening exercises to make your high-heel walking and dancing experience pain-free and enjoyable.