The Ultimate Stripper: How-To 3-DVD Set

The Ultimate Stripper: How-To 3-DVD Set

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Stripper Dance

Stripper Housewife


In Striptease Jo Weldon shares a wealth of experience and a million tips and tricks to make a stageworthy show out of stripping from both everyday clothes and rigged burlesque costumes. Jo's Striptease program offers an array of striptease routines, first taught step-by-step and then demonstrated to music. Each routine is partly choreographed, partly improvised, so that you can layer your own personality and style of movement over Jo's suggestions. For each routine Jo gives detailed guidance about various aspects of striptease technique, such as body angles, the interplay of concealing and revealing, the order and choreography’ of items removal.

Stripper Dance! Professional Exotic Dance Routines & Striptease Technique from Elite Clubs is an advanced-level dance instruction and practice program designed and presented by Lady M (Morgan Marcum). This star creator of popular exotic dance instructional videos (The Exotic Dance WorkoutExotic Dance: The Irresistible Art, and the lap dance tutorial Private Dancer) takes you to a new level of dance and showmanship skill, teaching a wide array of stripper performance techniques and advanced moves that flow smoothly into authentic exotic dance routines ready for you to take to the show floors of top gentlemen’s clubs.

Stripper Housewife: Burlesque Routines & Recipes for Stage and Kitchen is an instructional video based on the professional and domestic expertise of New York City burlesque star Peekaboo Pointe.  This light-hearted program is  packed with routines, tips and tricks for aspiring burlesque artists and aficionados.  It is Peekaboo's sincere offering to every woman who loves self-expression through humor and sensuality, and who enjoys the magic that happens when she sets aside the imperatives of career and saving the world and turns her busy mind to spending an evening or a weekend as a sexy domestic goddess.