"The Hoop Dance Workout" DVD with The Hoop Girl, Christabel Zamor

"The Hoop Dance Workout" DVD with The Hoop Girl, Christabel Zamor

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Hoopdance is exercise, movement meditation, and an art form blending performance and fitness. Often called, "the new yoga", It is a fun and graceful way to unwind and relieve stress while getting a total body workout.

Hoopdance increases your spinal flexibility, energizes your libido, and provides a great cardiovascular workout. It also tones your abs, thighs, and arms. Hooping is an excellent weight loss tool: Dynamic, high-energy hoopdance burns calories like aerobics or running.

As a dance form, hoopdance is about self-expression and self-discovery. It can be sexy and feminine, it can be edgy and mysteriously evocative, and it is always inclusive. Hoopdance is liberating and non-judgemental, because there is simply no wrong way to hoop.

The Hoop Dance Workout is designed for you by Christabel Zamor, aka HoopGirl, one of the pioneers of hoopdance, and a star fitness instructor certified by the American Aerobics and Fitness Association.

Christabel's program welcomes total beginners. It is safe and works the whole body through pleasurable movements. All ages, body types and ability levels welcome!

The workout begins with a warmup and continues non-stop! Christabel teaches the basics of hooping, including hoop recovery techniques and ways to control hoop speed. Each chapter which follows is based on a different movement pattern, mood, and visualizations. Drills alternate with the Dance Party sections, where you can play with creative expression. The workout also offers combinations where you can get in the groove and practice what you have learned. Throughout the workout Christabel uses inspiring imagery and the motivational power of positive thoughts to make your experience uplifting and emotionally healing. As an added bonus, a costumed performance is included to inspire you to take your dance to the next level!