"Striptease for Brides: How to Strip out of Your Wedding Dress" DVD

"Striptease for Brides: How to Strip out of Your Wedding Dress" DVD

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Striptease for Brides: How to Strip out of Your Wedding Dress & Other Honeymoon Games is a light-hearted and inspiring instructional program created by Jo Weldon, New York City-based burlesque star and the Headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque.

Jo has performed as a headliner in gentlemen’s clubs and as a burlesque star on spectacular variety stages around the world. She has also taught hundreds of striptease & burlesque classes to bachelorettes. In Striptease for Brides Jo generously shares a  wealth of techniques you can use to create unforgettable moments of romance, sensuality, and humor on your wedding night, honeymoon or at a bachelorette party.

Striptease for Brides opens with two classes on How Striptease Works.

The Basics section explains how elements of acting and body language create a progression of sensual moments that make striptease enjoyable and sophisticated. Jo is filmed walking into a bar and taking off her gloves, hat, scarf and coat in a way that makes this sequence an unmistakable act of striptease, even though there is no hint of nudity.

The second class, Technique and Showmanship, teaches secrets of stage performance that turn undressing into an art form, producing a flawless show, whether for an intimate occasion or a public performance.

In the Wedding Gown Striptease Technique section Jo teaches how to gracefully peel off layers of bridal clothing - the dress, lingerie and accessories, including handling the challenges of different gown styles - the modern ‘slender’ gown, the ‘fluffy’ princess-style gown, and a formidable vintage gown billowing with beaded lace and presenting challenges of hidden snaps and hooks.

Gloves, veils, corsets, stockings…after watching this segment (and rehearsing a bit in the privacy of your bedroom) you will be an expert on shedding all these items with the elegance and sensuality of a movie star.

As a special offering for a bachelorette event, Jo will also teach you how to gracefully strip out of the groom’s suit, and what to wear underneath to make this act irresistibly sexy, funny, and memorable.

The last section of the program opens the door to exploring sensuality through intimate ‘show’ vignettes - an artistic bondage (or self-bondage) act, and a bath / shower show for the eyes of your lover. The bondage technique is based on Shibari, an ancient Japanese art form of rope bondage.  It allows you to introduce an exciting yet safe edge to intimate times together. The bath show is a series of specific movements, body angles and gestures performed while bathing in a tub or a shower, turning your bath into an intimate sensual performance. These techniques have roots in the long history of burlesque bathing beauty acts, including Lili St. Cyr and her famous glass bathtub.

The richness of modern wedding culture offers brides and their friends endless outlets for creativity exploring beauty and sensuality.  Whether you are planning a bachelorette party, a boudoir photoshoot as a gift to your partner, or a photojournalistic-style shoot to capture special moments like trying on your wedding dress, the techniques and tips taught in Striptease for Brides will make these creative events flawless and truly memorable.