"Stripper Housewife - Burlesque Routines & Recipes for Stage & Kitchen" DVD

"Stripper Housewife - Burlesque Routines & Recipes for Stage & Kitchen" DVD

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Stripper Housewife: Burlesque Routines & Recipes for Stage and Kitchen is an instructional video based on the professional and domestic expertise of New York City burlesque star Peekaboo Pointe.  This light-hearted program is  packed with routines, tips and tricks for aspiring burlesque artists and aficionados.  It is Peekaboo's sincere offering to every woman who loves self-expression through humor and sensuality, and who enjoys the magic that happens when she sets aside the imperatives of career and saving the world and turns her busy mind to spending an evening or a weekend as a sexy domestic goddess.

The Stripper Housewife video teaches three burlesque routines varying in flavor and the use of performance props - for the kitchen, living room, and dining room.  These routines work both on a theater stage and in your own house.  Peekaboo demonstrates each routine and then breaks it down step-by-step, focusing on interactivity, expressivity and the easy, effortless flow of your performance.  Her approach invites you to play, discover your most flattering body angles and evocative gestures, and to dig out some sunken treasures from your closet.  You will enjoy a healthy dose of the extravagance every girl is entitled to.

For years Peekaboo Pointe has been writing her well-established blog, TheStripperHousewife.com, sharing her reflections on burlesque and daily life, and publishing her favorite recipes.  Cooking has always been Peekaboo’s  passion, and if you embrace the concept of entertaining at your place with a burlesque routine (or routines), she suggests that you double the magic by preparing something special in the kitchen and serving your creations as part of your performance.  For this video Peekaboo selected two recipes - coconut macaroons and her signature cocktail, appropriately named The Stripper Housewife. Both are fast, easy, sexy and doable even for a total kitchen novice.  Step-by-step, Peekaboo shows you how to mix, whip, shake, bake and sprinkle common ingredients to produce lovely delicious treats.

So… treat yourself to an evening of learning burlesque and cooking with Peekaboo, and to many evenings of glamour, laughter,  and feeling beautiful in your house or on stage.