"Stretch and Joint Mobility Therapy" DVD with Annette Fletcher

"Stretch and Joint Mobility Therapy" DVD with Annette Fletcher

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The Stretch and Joint Mobility Therapy program covers 3 areas of stretch and flexibility practice: Joint mobility exercises, Dynamic stretch and Traditional stretch.

Joint Mobility Therapy is the pursuit of joint health through movement. Age and a sedentary lifestyle cause our joints to grow stiffer. Our range of motion shrinks, and as a result of our inactivity our muscles lose strength and tone. This process may be slow and imperceptible, but unless we take preventative measures, joint and muscle deterioration will make mobility more and more difficult. That is why it is important to know and use the correct therapeutic stretches and joint mobility exercises that can stave off and even reverse joint stiffness and chronic muscle weakness.

What causes joint stiffness?
Our bones are linked together with connective tissue called "joint cartilage." Cartilage does not contain blood vessels. It stays healthy and supple when lubricated with synovial fluid, and the only thing that can increase synovial fluid is the pumping action generated by movement. As we become older and less mobile our joint cartilage starts to degrade.

Annette Fletcher's Joint Mobility program offers gentle therapeutic stretches that will reduce joint stiffness and ease you into the habit of fitness movement - even if you are currently completely inactive. With regular use these refreshing and relaxing exercises will maintain the health of your joints. Even if you are a physically fit and active person, chances are you are not deliberately exercising every joint in your body - so you too will benefit from this program: It works your joints from head to toe, starting with the head and neck area and going down the body: Rib cage, arms and hands, hips, knees, ankles, and feet - helping you to identify areas of potential stiffness and actively prevent deterioration and loss of range of motion.

The second section of Stretch and Joint Mobility Therapy offers Dynamic Stretch. These are larger movements performed at a faster pace. They will increase your body temperature and elevate your heart rate. These exercises are designed to help you increase the muscle control, flexibility and range of motion needed for sports and outdoors activities, dance, travel or any other elements of an active lifestyle.

The last section of Annette's program consists of traditional stretches, gentle exercises designed to elongate your muscles by stretching them to their fullest length. Good for your muscles, and a great stress reliever too!

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