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Stiletto Dance - Music Video Style

Stiletto Dance - Sensual Style, with Neon

Thrills in High Heels


Combining precision classical technique with raw street styles and sophisticated nuance, Dana Foglia’s Stiletto Dance - Music Video Stylevideo offers four spectacular stiletto-friendly choreographies capturing the style and the emotive power of cutting-edge music video style dance. From leg strengthening exercises and stretches to the basics of dancing on high heels, to learning and practicing a wide array of moves and combinations, Dana Foglia's generous and vibrant program will get you closer to conquering the challenge of performing with top music artists and mastering stage dancing that combines uncompromising artistic sensibility with pop culture appeal.

Neon's Stiletto Dance - Sensual Style program is delivered in 2 parts. Part 1: Technique and Combinations -- Neon breaks down every move and every sequence in detail, and leads a 30-minute non-stop practice with music. Part 2: Choreography - demonstrations, breakdown, and practiceIntermediate / advanced level. To enjoy this program, it is best to be already fluent in body isolations from either belly dance or hip hop dance, and have experience dancing on high heels. Some steps and combinations require a certain level of fitness and flexibility.

Thrills in High Heels - Stiletto Dance Nightclub Style is a social dance instruction program created by Lady Morrighan (Morgan Marcum), US-based star instructor and performer of sexy dance styles from bellydance to exotic dance to pole dance and more.  Lady M teaches steps and styling for social-style dancing in any nightclub or party setting, with the emphasis on moving gracefully in high-heel shoes. The dance moves in this program are selected to make you look your best on the dance floor.  The moves are easy to learn and safe to perform in your stilettos. 

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