"Solar Belly Dance: East Coast Tribal with Sera Solstice" DVD - Tribal Fusion

"Solar Belly Dance: East Coast Tribal with Sera Solstice" DVD - Tribal Fusion

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Solar Belly Dance, created by New York-based star of tribal fusion belly dance Sera Solstice develops and extends the East Coast Tribal belly dance style with an intense and challenging repertoire of movement infused with the solar energy of grace, confidence, and self-acceptance. Sera's program is designed to enrich your belly dancing practice by adding extension and full-body movement to balance the traditional focus on isolations in belly dance instruction and technique drills. Solar movement promotes a high level of dance technique, balance control, precision in transitions, and stamina.

Sera's inspiration for the four Solar combinations featured in Solar Belly Dance came from observing the release of joy through free-style movement on club dancefloors as DJs wield the energy of the room through dynamic sequences of club beats. Solar is expansive, energetic, projective. It includes a lot of travel steps, and reaches outward. It contains warrior energy, it's about action and the dancer's connection to the world and the people around her. Solar is the dance of abundance, energy, power, passion, sexuality, physicality, confrontation, resolve, and transformation.

The program opens with the East Coast Tribal Essential Movement Practice including warmup, technique review, and meditation. The flow of movement continues with Essential Solar Armwork and the signature East Coast Tribal Essential Hipwork, and then culminates with footwork, hipwork and undulations movement drills that prepare you for the 4 combinations taught later in the program. An extended movement flow is the key element of the Solstice method of daily muscle conditioning and deep technique work. You will enjoy non-stop movement to evocative cutting-edge world music electronica.

The four elemental movement combinations - Air, Fire, Water, and Earth - are demonstrated by Sera and the Solstice Ensemble - first at a slow tempo, and then up to speed. In addition, Sera offers a detailed breakdown of each step. A practice flow section allows you to join Sera and the dancers of the Solstice Ensemble in multiple repetitions of all four combinations.

Intermediate and Advanced Tribal Bellydance

"An intense and challenging repertoire..." "...emphasis on the key elements of good movement."

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