"Shakra's Industrial Strength Dance Workout" DVD - Industrial / Gothic music

"Shakra's Industrial Strength Dance Workout" DVD - Industrial / Gothic music

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Created by Shakra, a DC-based cutting-edge fusion dance trio, the Industrial Strength Dance Workout is a vigorous blend of Afro-industrial fusion, hip-hop, modern dance, belly dance, bhangra, and other high-energy forms of dance. The moves are beautifully merged into Shakra’s signature style, “Transfusion Dance,” and offer a superb systematic total body toning and strengthening workout with a powerful cardio component - and a massive fun factor.

Assertive and futuristic in its spirit, the workout is propelled by the driving rhythms of Gothic/Industrial music featuring: Decoded Feedback, Terrorfakt, Maduro, The Last Dance, and Collide.

  • Workout 1 (45 min.) opens with a cardio section and proceeds through a series of dynamic stretches and isolations toward Transfusion Dance steps that get progressively bigger and faster.

  • Workout 2 (25 min.) jumps straight into hard-hitting moves of the pure Shakra transfusion style, building to a faster tempo through sequences of steps.

Following the workouts, the program offers an instructional section where Na’la, Bronwen, and Hilary of Shakra teach 2 Transfusion dance combinations and practice them at accelerating tempos.

Shakra dancers use the system of “gears” to cue switching between tempos in the workouts and combinations. 1st Gear is normal speed, on the beat of the music; 2nd gear is double time; 3rd gear is twice as fast as 2nd; and Overdrive doubles the 3rd gear. The gear system effectively manages the accelerating tempos of the dance, giving the program a great flow.

In addition the Industrial Strength Dance Workout offers Safety Tips and a special Technique section breaking down Transfusion Dance techniques and isolations in depth.