"Sexy Salsa! Solo Moves & Combinations for Women" DVD

"Sexy Salsa! Solo Moves & Combinations for Women" DVD

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A must-have for party girls, girls with dance-resistant boyfriends, and all fun-loving, free-spirited salsa aficionados worldwide.... Sexy Salsa - Solo Moves & Combinations for Women is a dance instruction and practice program that first teaches you the basic salsa steps, and then shows you how to use them on any dance floor in a wide range of combinations for solo performance. Solo vignettes are common in partner salsa dancing, but with Sexy Salsa you don’t need a partner: You can enjoy the joyful, sensual vibe of salsa dance movement whenever you hear a salsa beat - at home, at a party, or anywhere salsa music is played.

Sexy Salsa is the creation of Yesenia Adame, star performer and instructor featured in numerous movies, dance instruction videos and popular TV shows, including Dancing with the Stars. The music for Yesenia's Sexy Salsa program is performed live by The Enrique Luis Lopez Cuban Trio, a fantastic New York-based band playing traditional Cuban salsa.

Live music adds tremendously to the instructional dimension of Sexy Salsa, helping you to better understand and enjoy the salsa rhythm, feel, and accents. The program opens with the Salsa Timing section where the artists of The Enrique Luis Lopez Cuban Trio demonstrate their instruments, and percussionist Manuel Carro explains the structure of salsa rhythm and its correlation with salsa dance steps. Manuel counts the salsa beat and shows you how to time your steps to the music.

More than one-and-a-half-hours of instruction!

The instruction and practice section of Sexy Salsa consists of 3 combinations for solo performance presented by Yesenia Adame, Ashlé Dawson and Nicolette. First Yesenia breaks down combination elements step by step - footwork and articulations of the hips, upper body and arms. Then, the band plays at a slower pace for the first round of combination practice accompanied by Yesenia's voice cues. The second half of practice sessions for each combination is done at a faster tempo, with no voice cues, allowing you to polish your skills while enjoying the beautiful authentic Cuban salsa of The Enrique Luis Lopez Trio.

Yesenia's program also includes Warmup and Cooldown sections offering stretches and muscle-conditioning exercises based on steps and torso articulations common in salsa dance.

Sexy Salsa is Yesenia's second solo salsa dance instructional program. It follows Salsa...Solo! -- the best selling salsa instructional video ever - !