Sexy Hips - Belly Dance Drum Solo choreography by Neon

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Sexy Hips - Belly Dance Drum Solo choreography by Neon

Learn a fast-paced and playful classic belly dance drum solo (intermediate level) choreography. Neon teaches it step-by-step, combination by combination. With its sensual, light-footed and flirtatious flair, this dance is perfect for a belly dancing performance and as a practice piece to work on developing nimble ease of movement and suppleness of percussive hipwork. It includes a wide array of expressive well-resolved combinations linked with clean effortless transitions you can use in the context of many belly dance genres and styles. Neon introduces each move step-by-step and places each one in the context of a dance combination that works just right with intricate maksoum rhythm variations. Practice section features a beat counter, helpful in learning belly dance rhythm and timing.  As you follow Neon while practicing,  you can check your timing against the beat counter onscreen to learn the optimal ways of placing accents and transitions.

Music: 'Maksoum Akabir' (drum solo) by Amir Naoum Chehade. This choreography / breakdown is also available on World Dance New York’s Dance Today! Belly Dance instructional video program.

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