"Sensual Goddess: Belly Dance for Beginners with Neon" 2-DVD bellydance

"Sensual Goddess: Belly Dance for Beginners with Neon" 2-DVD bellydance

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Neon's Sensual Goddess TWO-DVD SET is a belly dance instruction program designed for beginners.  Nearly four hours of non-stop movement with music.  The emphasis is on meaningful, evocative and sensual movement you can learn from the start.  What makes your movement sensual, and what makes it sexy? You will see and try dozens of belly dancing moves and learn to modulate the flavors of your dance, such as sensuality, playfulness, classiness, as well as its emotional range and depth.

For absolute beginners the program includes detailed breakdown of classic belly dance moves. We practice each move individually, and learn to layer hipwork on footwork, and add upper body moves and arm trajectories, linking them with graceful transitions. All of this is movement with music, from the very first step.

In addition, we learn belly dance combinations based on poses, gestures and arm patterns - these elements are typically used to add expressivity to a belly dance performance - this is the dance body language that will breathe meaning and emotional appeal into your dance.  But these elements can also be used on their own, to create whole evocative compositions, while all we do is steps and gestures - very valuable when you are a beginner belly dancer still working on your basic moves. These steps and gestures allow you to express your inspiration and perform with no dance training. Arm trajectories, delicate movements of your hands, head tilts and turns, articulations of your posture - these things make your dance sensual and beautiful, and you can learn them without knowing any belly dance steps and use them in any form of dance.

Then, each group of steps is assembled into a combination and we practice this combination, and finally we have a beautiful and evocative choreographed dance featuring all the combinations we’ve learned. We’ll practice each combination as it appears in the dance - so you will learn a lot of moves, practice them thoroughly, with transitions, and then you will be able to perform our Sensual Goddess choreography. It’s an elegant dance fit for any occasion - family event, a festive party, or a stage show. The music selections in the combinations practice and the choreography are different, so you will learn to adapt the steps and combinations to any music.