Sensual Dream: A Belly Dance Choreography by Neon, Beginner Bellydance

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Sensual Dream: A Belly Dance Choreography by Neon, Beginner Bellydance

Learn a fluid and sensuous dance set to a slow ciftetelli rhythm (beginner level). The Sensual Dream choreography is taught step-by-step, combination by combination. The practice section features a beat counter, helpful in learning dance rhythm and timing.  Neon teaches the count as you weave steps into belly dancing combinations - very helpful to learn proper pacing and the structure of the ciftetelli rhythm. As you follow Neon in the practice section, you can check your timing against the beat counter on screen and learn to use belly dance accents in a way that brings out the beauty of ciftetelli rhythm.

 To look effortless and expressive, slow belly dance movement requires a lot of grace and fluidity. Neon weaves dance steps together like words and phrases of a language to tell a story of self-discovery and amazement at the beauty of the world. Neon’s dance style is rich in expressive body language elements such as gestures, evocative body and head angles, and arm trajectories: These elements will add an extra layer of sophistication to the texture of your dance.


The video includes detailed explanation of individual bellydance moves from all the major groups of the belly dance vocabulary, and teaches combining steps into expressive lyrical sequences.  It’s great for a beginner belly dancer solo performance. Music: 'Takasim Amniyat' by Amir Naoum Chehade & Elias Sarkar (album: ‘Bellydance New York’).

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