"Self Defense for Women, with Tayah Kansik - Techniques & Workout" DVD

"Self Defense for Women, with Tayah Kansik - Techniques & Workout" DVD

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Created by Tayah Kansik, personal trainer and self-defense expert, Self-Defense for Women is a beginner-level program teaching effective self-defense tactics in a dynamic non-stop, non-partner workout format.

Tayah's program (on DVD or on an Internet-delivered instant video stream) is rooted in the proven personal defense techniques of boxing and mixed martial arts. Moves are easy to follow and doable for a wide range of ages and fitness levels. Each move and sequence of defensive actions is explained step-by-step, demonstrated with a partner and practiced solo. In addition to all the self-defense techniques, Tayah s workout includes a warmup, mobility exercises, stretches, and a cooldown.

Tayah's self-defense Technique Workshop (35 minutes) includes jab and cross, hooks, uppercuts, elbows, pushkicks, knee strikes, and body kicks. Partner demonstrations focus on understanding target strike areas, directions, and angles while keeping the pace of the workout.

The Applications section (25 minutes) strings the moves learned in the Technique Workshop into combinations and matches them to real-life situations of confrontation. Tayah teaches how to evade and deflect punches using boxing blocks combined with elbow and knee strikes and kicks.

Attack-defense scenarios include grabs (hair grabs, clothes grabs, head lock), takedowns, and ground fighting.