Save Your Lower Back! Prevent & Heal Lower Back Pain - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

Save Your Lower Back! Prevent & Heal Lower Back Pain - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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New York's Annette Fletcher turns her muscle-maintenance awareness to the challenge of protecting and strengthening the lower back with this DVD, full of exercises you can do every day to help manage your lower-back pain and prevent future problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, or poor movement habits.

Annette Fletcher's Stretch and Joint Mobility and her Perfect-in-Ten: Stretch have won wide acclaim and many fans around the world.

In THE "Save Your Lower Back" video program, Annette focuses on the two major areas affected by a sedentary lifestyle and poor postural and movement habits: The lower back and hips. While chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy are excellent for the temporary relief of pain and discomfort caused by long hours at the desk or driving, the only permanent method of preventing future problems is to strengthen your muscles and train them to support your spine, hip bones, and joints in the alignment necessary to keep your posture straight, and to stretch your muscles to extend your range of motion through simple everyday exercises. So even if you regularly invest in chiropractic adjustments and massage, you need to exercise on your own to strengthen and condition your muscles to maintain the benefits of these therapies.

Annette has structured the "Save Your Lower Back" program as a 40-minute three-part exercise flow:

Release: You will start by lengthening, releasing and relaxing your spine and lower back to relieve the discomfort of lower back pain and prepare your body for stretching exercises. Never stretch muscles that are tight: First relax and release them.

Strengthen: Strengthening exercises tone and condition your muscles to support optimal body alignment and healthy posture, to prevent further damage to your lower back and spine.

Stretch: Stretching exercises will work to restore the length of muscles shortened by a sedentary lifestyle and restore your range of motion in order to prevent injury, and deterioration of spine and hip joints.

The video also includes a correct posture tutorial to teach you how to check your posture and correct your alignment to keep away everyday aches and pains.
So join Annette and take a little bit of time every day to work on the health of your spine and your hips. You'll be glad you did.