"Salsa... Solo! Salsa Dance for women" DVD with Yesenia Adame

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"Salsa... Solo! Salsa Dance for women" DVD with Yesenia Adame

Available as an instant video and a DVD. For instant video, please visit worlddancenewyork.vhx.tv

From Yesenia Adame, one of the pro dancers seen on Dancing with the Stars, comes Salsa... Solo!, a step-by-step instructional program for beginners. Yesenia teaches a beautiful and diverse array of salsa dance moves you can perform solo. Perfect for solo vignettes within partner salsa dance, or for non-partner performance and social dance occasions, Salsa... Solo! is a treasure chest of graceful step combinations, nimble turns, and swirls sure to make you look amazing on the dance floor.

A winner of many top professional salsa dance competitions, special guest performer on Dancing with the Stars, and a star choreographer for the hit TV show Dance Your Ass Off!, Yesenia Adame is passionate about sharing her love for salsa through her clear and precise instruction and supportive spirit. Her program offers every woman a chance to learn and enjoy salsa dance. So even if you are not on a trajectory toward partner dancing and simply want to experience the salsa vibe and practice salsa for fun and fitness on your own, this DVD is for you. Performing mini-solos with fancy footwork and sophisticated styling is a part of the salsa tradition, and Yesenia offers you a beautiful exploration of this solo salsa dance vocabulary and styling.

Yesenia's program consists of 3 sections. Each introduces a sequence of steps, drills them individually and as a combination, and then puts them to music. Yesenia and her two guest instructors, Ashlé and Nicolette, start with basic salsa steps and gradually add embellishments, variations and shines. In all instructional and practice sections the video is reversed so that you can mirror the instructors, and there are special practice sections where you can follow Yesenia, Ashlé and Nicolette from the back.

Warmup and cooldown sections feature flexibility exercises and drill special salsa techniques such as Cuban hips.


Yesenia Adame's SEXY SALSA instructional video


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