"Refined Sugar - Burlesque Dance" DVD with Katalin Schäfer

"Refined Sugar - Burlesque Dance" DVD with Katalin Schäfer

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Refined Sugar - Burlesque Dance with Katalin Schafer is an instructional program teaching dance steps and combinations for burlesque performance.  The focus of the program is not on acting or clothing manipulation, but on actual DANCE - travel steps, turns, poses, graceful and flirty hips and upper body isolations, level changes, and elements of floorwork that will make your burlesque show dancerly, dynamic, and competent in terms of movement.

Borrowing vocabulary from various dance forms, Katalin breaks down every move and dance sequence, explaining in detail movement techniques and suggesting desirable styling that will give your steps that light-hearted, confident, and playful flair we associate with burlesque.

Katalin’s program consists of two sections: Choreography and Advanced Combinations.

Choreography features all the elements of a classic burlesque show, including clothes peeling. Along with steps, Katalin teaches elements of expressivity, personality projection, interaction with the audience and offers costuming manipulation tips.

Advanced Combinations are designed for burlesque artists who have had some intermediate-to-advanced dance training.  Working with this material will enrich your onstage movement repertoire and help take your burlesque act to a new level of sophistication and effortlessness.