"Prenatal Belly Dance, with Naia - Belly Dance Routines for Pregnancy" DVD

"Prenatal Belly Dance, with Naia - Belly Dance Routines for Pregnancy" DVD

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Originating in ancient dances and rituals related to fertility, family, life cycle and childbirth, belly dance is based on movements that come naturally to the female body. Some belly dancing movements mimic natural intuitive motions associated with pregnancy and childbirth, others have been traditionally used to move the baby into the best position or relieve the discomfort of labor. 

Choreographed by belly dance star and fitness guru Neon and performed by Naia, this unique dance/workout program has been designed to be safe and effective for pregnancy and follows the guidelines of the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists.

Organic, flowing, energizing movement of belly dance helps to improve abdominal control and awareness, relieve aches and discomfort associated with pregnancy, promote better circulation, avoid swelling and cramping and prevent excessive weight gain. Belly dance hip movements will tone the muscles of your pelvic floor, whose strength is all-important for the birth, as well as for your postnatal recovery.

And, beyond all these benefits, it offers a fantastic motivation to stay beautiful and graceful throughout the pregnancy - in touch with your inner goddess!



Warmup and stretches; slow, meditative section; opens by building dance Combination 1


Movements focused on the abdomen and lower body; medium-paced rhythmic section; the section culminates in building dance Combination 2



Upper body movements; medium-paced rhythmic section, introducing Combination 3


Travel steps; medium-to-fast-paced dance section; in this section we build and practiceCombination 4


Slow-to-medium-paced section: we put together Combinations 1, 2, 3 & 4 into a graceful flowing dance;


Cooldown, slow, meditative section