"Perfect in Ten: Yoga - 10-minute Yoga Workouts" DVD with Susan Grant

"Perfect in Ten: Yoga - 10-minute Yoga Workouts" DVD with Susan Grant

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Give us just 10 minutes 5 times a week and you'll master many amazing classic yoga poses and techniques - an empowering way to a strong, fit, and flexible body, and to a mind that resists anxiety and stress.

Featured in: Best Workout DVDs, Fitness magazine

Best for: Yoga in a Hurry
Perfect in Ten Yoga
Why we love it: You'll feel energized, stronger, and more flexible in minutes.
Tester says: "My posture drastically improved."

This balanced and effective program works by delivering a streamlined series of exercises easy to fit into your busy schedule and designed to invigorate, refresh, and reduce anxiety and tension even if 10 minutes a day is all you can spare. Based on years of training and experience, Susan Grant has created these 10-minute workouts to help you achieve your fitness and stress-reduction goals quickly, as you work toward a beautiful physique, flexibility, and improved emotional well-being.

The program will gently guide you through yoga technique and offer exercise variations you can use as your fitness level grows. Best of all, with our 4 ten minute routines you can alternate your workout. Research proves that keeping your body continually challenged with a wide range of movements produces maximum results.

All 4 of our workouts will have a slimming and toning impact on your body, and a relaxing and invigorating effect on your mind. In addition, each workout is designed to offer unique, special benefits:

  1. Awaken & energize

  2. Tone & strengthen

  3. Back relief & flexibility

  4. De-stress & let go

  5. Bonus: Guided deep relaxation