"Perfect in Ten: Dance -- 10-minute Multi-Style Dance Workouts" DVD with Ayshe

"Perfect in Ten: Dance -- 10-minute Multi-Style Dance Workouts" DVD with Ayshe

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Tone and sculpt your body, increase spinal mobility, and de-stress, as you enjoy exploring beautiful dance movement from around the world!

All four sections of this program are designed to give you a complete body workout. In addition every section has its special body-area target focus. Dances of the world are either ‘leg-centered’ or ‘torso-centered.’ Leg-centered dances such as European folk, ballroom, and classical ballet are based on foot and leg work. Torso-centered dances like salsa, mambo, and belly dance originate in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, and focus on movement of the pelvis and spine.

The Spinal Flow section loosens and strengthens the spine and arms, and increases spinal mobility. It will also help you improve the skills needed for many dance and fitness disciplines - torso isolations and movement fluidity.

The Energize and Sculpt section is designed to sculpt the legs and lower body. Dancers are known to have beautiful legs: Not just toned and strong, but with 'long' muscles. This is because dancers work with their legs in a 'turned out' position, which separates and elongates the legs from the hip socket. Coordination of the legs, and 'pointing' the feet in jumps, kicks, and calf-raises builds strong and toned legs, calves, and buttocks for the ‘long’ look. This section uses movements from ballet, jazz and modern dance. If you are a dancer, this 10-minute workout will improve your balance, footwork and stamina, through invigorating sequences of leg raises, kicks and jumps.

Stretch and Release features languid, fluid motion: A mix of stretches, yoga, bellydance, and modern dance moves. It’s great for shaking off fatigue and tension, winding down to relax, or for waking up to dance in the morning.

The Special Challenge: Core Pulse Bonus Workout focuses on the deep internal core abdominal muscles, mainly the psoas and quadratus lumborum. Building strength and flexibility at the core will give you greater internal strength and make toning and sculpting your surface muscles a lot easier. Dancers will benefit from Ayshe's expertise in techniques for increasing the range of motion in the hips, pelvis, and spine. This section also contains abdominal strength and articulation exercises: Belly flutters, rolls, suction, and pulsing.

A special section of the program is a mini-workshop on the fundamentals of safe and fluid dance movement, conducted by Ayshe. Illustrated with anatomical charts, this informal and engaging talk introduces the viewer to the differences between the "casual posture" and the "performance position," clarifying dynamics and the coordination among various muscle groups needed in dance. This special section also offers tips on muscle control and on making your dance fluid and easy.

  1. Spinal Flow

  2. Energize and Sculpt

  3. Stretch and Release

  4. Special Challenge: Core Pulse

  5. Mini-Workshop: Perfect your dance - Safe and Fluid Movement

All the music on Perfect In Ten: Dance is composed and performed by the brilliant Norman Hedman, percussionist to Alicia Keys, Mya, Des'ree, Brass Construction, as well as his own Norman Hedman's Tropique.