"Make It Sensational! Advanced Belly Dance Drum Solo" DVD with Katalin Schafer

"Make It Sensational! Advanced Belly Dance Drum Solo" DVD with Katalin Schafer

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Make It Sensational! Advanced Belly Dance Drum Solo instructional program by Oriental Dance star Katalin Schäfer invites you to give the traditionally improvisational genre of belly dance drum solo a theatrical look and a sharp contemporary feel in order to make it a high point of stage shows before modern Western audiences.

Katalin combines percussive hip work, shimmies, and the traveling steps used in a classic belly dance drum solo with elements of modern dance and jazz to make these steps sparkle in a new way. “A technically polished performance is impressive,” says Katalin, “but you want to give your audience even more. You want to create a unique character and tell a story, because that’s what gives a dance performance that star-like quality that is so memorable.”

Spicing up classic belly dance with new twists on familiar moves, Katalin teaches 3 drum solo choreographies step-by-step. Each one has its own flavor and mood. Katalin explores the story-telling potential of percussive music and pays attention to expressive body language that makes your audience feel involved.

Katalin: “To find our own unique style of dance and own it, we need to cultivate the freedom and curiosity to step outside the box of tradition and be bold in exploring new trends. I am looking forward to sharing my work with you!”