"Magic Rituals How-To: Sacred Space, Energy, Psychic Self-Defense" DVD

"Magic Rituals How-To: Sacred Space, Energy, Psychic Self-Defense" DVD

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Magic Rituals How-To: Sacred Space, Psychic Self-Defense, Energy Balance is an educational and instructional program inviting you to a fresh, open-minded, and inspiring look at traditional "magick" rituals with ancient roots.

Magic Rituals is the creation of Ammo O'Day, a New York City-based practitioner of the magic arts. Expert in esoteric traditions from around the world and their modern-day application, Ammo is known to New Yorkers for her work at Enchantments, the oldest witchcraft store in New York City, where for years she advised others on the practice of magick, all the while avidly researching traditions from Egyptian magic, to Santeria, to Celtic, to Chaos magic, and beyond. Being an embodiment of magickal practice was Ammo's full-time job.

The world of the occult is very rich. There exist many different methods for the practice of magic and the conduct of performing magic rituals. Thanks to today's global availability of information you have the opportunity to learn the widest range of approaches and blend together methods and traditions. “Witchcraft is a lot like creating art, or meditating," says Ammo, "you work at it and tweak it until you find the magic tools and practices that work best for you."

In Magic Rituals Ammo gathers knowledge from sources both ancient and modern. She then guides you step-by-step through such classic rituals as casting a circle and creating your own sacred space, the house blessing, and more. She also addresses rituals to help you maintain mental clarity, emotional balance, and your sense of happiness and well-being, through disposing of negative energy, creating a shield around your aura, elemental purification preceding magical work, and chakra energy balance.

Ammo also offers advice regarding the creation of a home altar as an expression of your goals and hopes, and as a record of your personal history in accessing the energies surrounding you through your own magical work. You will visit Ammo's New York City apartment to tour her own altars and learn about her personal approach to material manifestation of the sacred space in her home.

You can perform the rituals Ammo provides on their own, or combine them into your own system for the support of your spiritual and emotional well-being to give you greater confidence and control over your life.