"Luscious: The Belly Dance Workout for Beginners" DVD with Neon

"Luscious: The Belly Dance Workout for Beginners" DVD with Neon

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Created by New York City-based star belly dance choreographer and instructor Neon, LUSCIOUS, THE BELLYDANCE WORKOUT is made of 100% belly dance moves and steps.  Lavish and overflowing with deep, rich, feminine movement, it is gentle, but it will work your body to enhance your muscle tone, flexibility, and fluidity, and also promote weight loss.  With a special focus on muscle conditioning and elongation, the program works each group of muscles deeply, using carefully built combinations to switch between muscle groups and add intensity to the workout.

Luscious: The Belly Dance Workout features gorgeous music and a beautiful flow undiluted by conventional exercises. Systematically addressing each group of muscles to deliver a total body workout, it creates an entertaining and aesthetically fulfilling dance experience inspiring you to do your best in executing each move with the proper depth, range of motion, and articulation.

A true dance experience as much as a fitness experience, Luscious is beginner level, but it offers you a perspective of challenge and growth. The workout consists of 7 sections, each building consistently upon the dance vocabulary covered in the previous sections through its own series of belly dancing combinations. The combinations include classic belly dance transitions between steps to help you create the muscle memory to ingrain dance in your body.

Luscious is an "instructional workout." It introduces the bellydance vocabulary in a careful, systematic way and contains an extensive tutorial section breaking down each move used in the workout.

If this is one of your first steps in belly dance, this program will be a fun introduction to all the basic groups of belly dance moves and transitions. If you are a dancer, it’s a great way to practice the core of the bellydance technique and vocabulary through functional drills performed in the context of dance combinations and transitions creating an extra layer of muscle memory that isolated drills do not provide.

Workout duration - 45 min. (2 versions available in both DVD & instant video format: with voice cues and with music only)

Tutorial section - 50 min.

The Circles section explores circular belly dance moves. It follows a slow-to-moderate tempo, working both the lower and upper body through isolations.

Next is the Infinity Loops section. Together with the stretching and toning impact of every move in this section, infinity loops are the ultimate exercise in fluidity.

Undulations maintain flexibility of your spine and help develop deep awareness of your core. They are also a challenging full-body muscle-conditioning exercise.

The bellydance hipwork section exercises your thighs, glutes, and abdominal muscles. In the Hip Accents section we’ll perform traditional belly dance hip moves and then weave them together with the fluid movements: circles, infinity loops and undulations. Hipwork is what gives bellydance such vibrancy and party appeal - these steps look great on any dance floor.

The Shimmy - that effortless shaking of the hips - is actually hard work! Join us to shake your way through a few styles of shimmy, and enjoy the wide range of shimmy flavors.

The Body Line section is built of moves involving your total body. It shifts focus from working individual body parts to dance steps that offer the most stretching and give you a dancerly posture and carriage.

The last section is a short dance routine choreographed entirely of the belly dance moves featured in the workout.