"Lunar Belly Dance: East Coast Tribal Dance" DVD

"Lunar Belly Dance: East Coast Tribal Dance" DVD

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Lunar Belly Dance, created by the trend-setting star of tribal fusion belly dance Sera Solstice, develops and extends the East Coast Tribal belly dancing style with an emphasis on infusing movement with meaning, breathing holistic intent and emotive projection into dance technique while cultivating dynamic, graceful, and visually high-impact movement.

Lunar Belly Dance interprets and teaches dance as language. Even the basic movements are introduced as units of meaning that fit into phrases and prompt the release of expressivity. Each movement holds an opportunity for the dancer to open, unfold, search within, process, and let go, connecting to a deeper self and to her true desires, learning to love herself and ultimately strengthening the link between self and movement.

Lunar is of the night, of the inner-self. Lunar is often fluid, isolated and ethereal. It is the dance of self-healing, self-knowledge, self-love, of inner-searching, dreamwork, and magic.

The program opens with the East Coast Tribal Fusion Essential Movement Practice, including warmup, technique review, and meditation. The flow of movement continues with the Essential Lunar Armwork section and the signature East Coast Tribal Essential Belly Dance Hipwork, and then culminates with footwork, hipwork, and undulations movement drills that prepare you for the 4 combinations taught later in the program. An extended movement flow is the key element of the Solstice method of daily muscle conditioning and deep technique work. You will enjoy non-stop movement to evocative cutting-edge world music electronica.

The four elemental movement combinations - Air, Fire, Water, and Earth - are demonstrated by Sera and the Solstice Ensemble - first at a slow tempo, and then up to speed. In addition, Sera offers a detailed breakdown of each step. A practice flow section allows you to join Sera and the dancers of the Solstice Ensemble in multiple repetitions of all four combinations.

Experience the community of Sera's Solstice Studio in New York City...