Intermediate-Advanced Belly Dance Choreography 3-DVD Set

Intermediate-Advanced Belly Dance Choreography 3-DVD Set

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The Fantasy Belly Dance instructional series consists of 3 DVDs: Each program teaches 3 dances by 3 instructors.  Dance styles presented range from Classic Belly Dance to Fusion, Tribal, and Gothic.  The instructional level of all three DVDs is intermediate-advanced belly dance.

Each choreography conjures up an evocative archetypal image, and emphasizes story-telling through dance. In addition to a full breakdown of every choreography, each segment includes a demonstration of each dance, as well as a full theater performance in costume.

Instruction includes step-by-step breakdown of each dance and practice with music (or music and vocal prompts) for each combination. 

1. FANTASY BELLY DANCE: MYSTERY - Transformation, secret realms, illusive mystery with a dark edge.

Dance 1: Serpent (Neon)

Dance 2: Shadow - Tribal Fusion Belly Dance(Sera Solstice)

Dance 3: Phoenix (Wings of Isis) (Ayshe )

2. FANTASY BELLY DANCE: DESIRE - Sensuality, passion, enticement, goddess.

Dance 1: Nymph (Blanca)

Dance 2: Salome - Tribal Fusion (Naraya)

Dance 3: Temple Priestess - Tribal Fusion (Darshan)

3. FANTASY BELLY DANCE: MAGIC - Regal presence, secret knowledge, powerful spell.

Dance 1: Enchantress - (Autumn Ward)

Dance 2: Warrior Princess (sword) - (Isidora Bushkovski )

Dance 3: Kali /Creator-Destroyer- Tribal Fusion / Gothic belly dance (Ariellah)