"Hip Romance - Oriental Dance" DVD with Katalin Schäfer - belly dance

"Hip Romance - Oriental Dance" DVD with Katalin Schäfer - belly dance

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Hip Romance - Oriental Dance with Katalin Schäfer is an advanced Oriental Dance / belly dance instructional program created by Budapest, Hungary-based star dancer, choreographer and instructor Katalin Schäfer.

With a caring spirit and love for detail and finesse in technique and styling, Katalin teaches classic, beautifully-paced Oriental Dance overflowing with graceful sophisticated layers, spiced with dynamic jazzy footwork & turns, and breathing with the mystique of romance.

The program consists of two sections - Choreography and Combinations. Both sections include a step-by-step breakdown of every movement sequence, followed by a practice session with music. While her choreography features elegant classical styling and Katalin’s signature ‘Oriental Jazz’ footwork, her combinations offer a variety of flavors - from playful party-style bellydance and sultry sensual sequences with dramatic level and angle changes, to folk dance inspired festive dance moves.

In addition to dance instruction sections, the video contains Katalin’s own warmup and stretch routines designed to increase the suppleness and definition of your dance movement and grow your stamina and strength for professional-level belly dancing performance.