"Foundations of Belly Dance: East Coast Tribal" DVD

"Foundations of Belly Dance: East Coast Tribal" DVD

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Foundations of Belly Dance: East Coast Tribal is a beginner / advanced beginner instructional program developed by Sera Solstice. New York City-based star performer and instructor of Tribal Fusion belly dance, Sera is the creator of the East Coast Tribal belly dance style, characterized by intense multi-layer hipwork, serpentine full-body movement, deep emotive power and story-telling flow.

Sera's program includes a 30-minute muscle-conditioning workout introducing foundation movements of belly dancing technique, combined with two meditation sessions promoting relaxation and a focus on body awareness and motivation.

In Sera's TECHNIQUE AND COMBINATIONS section you will experience 50 minutes of non-stop movement. Sera teaches challenging, upbeat combinations using the Movement Flow method: A continuous series of movement repetitions to infuse dance technique in your muscle memory. Each combination is first demonstrated by Sera and student dancers from her Solstice Studio in New York. Then, accompanied by the Solstice Ensemble, Sera introduces elements of bellydance technique and builds each combination, gradually adding layers of movement: Hipwork, upper body articulations, arms patterns, and footwork. The combinations explore five areas of East Coast Tribal technique:

  1. Arms strengthening & the development of gracefulness

  2. Upper body articulation & strengthening

  3. Hipwork fundamentals & lower-body toning

  4. Weight shift development, footwork, hipwork

  5. Hip undulations, smooth hipwork

Sera's Dance Along Section allows you to practice her East Coast Tribal combinations in a dance sequence.

Foundations of Bellydance: East Coast Tribal is designed to be used as a dance practice companion. Regular work with this program will increase your strength, flexibility, muscle control and stamina. Belly dance movement will become an integrated, natural expression of your body.

The program also features performances by Sera, and interviews with students at her Solstice Studio in New York.