"Fluid Precision: Tribal Fusion Belly Dance" DVD beginner belly dance

"Fluid Precision: Tribal Fusion Belly Dance" DVD beginner belly dance

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Fluid Precision: Contemporary Tribal Belly Dance is an instructional program teaching original medium-tempo combinations by the Kassar duo (Karin Hein-Parks and Melanie Wood). Kassar is known for their fluid and intricate dance style: Beautiful pacing and blending of flowing and accented moves interwoven with level changes, turns, and half-turns, create a mesmerizing visual texture. Fluid Precision offers materials to polish your technique and explore a new vocabulary of dynamic combinations with modern sophisticated flair.

  • Warmup / Conditioning section (25-minutes): Yoga-based, flexibility-enhancing, hip-opening, and strengthening exercises.

  • Isolations section (15 minutes): Breakdown and practice of the fundamental bellydance isolations.

  • Combinations : Demonstration, step-by-step breakdown and practice of 4 contemporary tribal bellydance combinations.

  • Demonstration / Practice: Follow Kassar as you practice all 4 combinations in one choreographed sequence.

  • Floorwork : Demonstration, step-by-step breakdown, and practice of 2 Kassar-style floorwork combinations.

  • Performance by Kassar: Enjoy 2 beautiful dances by Kassar - fluid, earthy, and hypnotic, shimmering with a touch of mystery and breathing the joy of life.

Music composed and arranged by New York City-based composer and renowned beat boxer Pete List. All the music heard on Kassar’s Fluid Precision DVD is available on Pete List’s Songs for Kassar CD and album download.