"Flamenco: You Can Do It! Sevillanas & Fan Dance" DVD

"Flamenco: You Can Do It! Sevillanas & Fan Dance" DVD

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Enjoy yourself learning this exciting, highly structured dance. The Sevillanas will improve your coordination, sense of rhythm, balance, postural alignment, and stamina. One of Spain's oldest and most traditional dances, Sevillanas are the Flamenco of the people. Both men and women learn it in childhood.

Sevillanas are a colorful, social, partner dance that Spaniards dance when they are among their own, and at celebrations. Sevillanas are also popular as part of the repertoire of Flamenco dance shows presented on the stage.

In the first choreography, Puela Lunaris teaches you the Sevillanas in the traditional popular style.

The second choreography presents them as a performing art, using the fan to enhance the visual effect of Sevillanas performance. Here Puela will teach you the Spanish fan technique, which you can apply in any other fan dance as well. You also learn how to use your fan in connection with the Sevillanas dance steps.

Whether you are a professional performer or not, learning these choreographies will develop in you a level of grace and presence that will enhance the way you carry yourself in everyday life. You can dance the Sevillanas on your own...with a partner...or you can invite friends to join you in the fun!

Download music for dance practice and performance!

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