Fire Goddess: Belly Dance Choreography by Neon - Instant Video

Fire Goddess: Belly Dance Choreography by Neon - Instant Video

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Neon's Fire Goddess is a candle tray belly dance choreography, intermediate to advanced level. Music: ‘Fire Goddess’ by Raul Ferrando. Great for perfecting and expanding your tray balancing skills, and for an elegant and sophisticated  performance at a commercial venue, private event, or a peer-review dance showcase. Neon offers a detailed breakdown of every step, and practice with and without the candle tray. She also shares tips & ideas on logistics of performing with candles.

Belly dance with a candle tray creates an amazing showcase of a dancer’s technique, grace and showmanship. Very often, however, professional performers treat this genre as a side show act, focusing on balancing tricks (balancing the tray on one’s knee, foot, belly, etc.) and losing the elements that make their performance a dance show: Rich belly dance vocabulary while balancing the tray; continuous movement (uninterrupted by balancing tricks with awkward transitions between static balancing positions); effortlessness of executing sophisticated dance steps while balancing, so that the dance itself is as beautiful and flawless with the tray as without.

A long-time proponent of tray balancing as an enhancement for real dance as opposed to side-show-style performance, Neon has designed this choreography to look amazing with or without the candle tray. Adding the candle tray balancing will bring its level from intermediate to advanced, once your moves while balancing are as complete, effortless and graceful as they are without the tray.