Femme Fatale Belly Dance Choreography, by Neon - advanced instruction

Femme Fatale Belly Dance Choreography, by Neon - advanced instruction

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 Neon's Femme Fatale is an advanced, professional level classic belly dance performance choreography with an optional mysterious veiled entrance, where you will appear in front of your audience and start your dance under a long sheer veil that completely covers your body from your head to the floor.

Neon teaches two versions of the dance opening - with and without the veil.  Music: ‘Gardens of Delight’ by Giacomo Bondi.

The dance has a lot of sensuality and a dramatic passionate edge. Neon teaches each combination step-by-step, and leads practice with and without the music.

Using an unusual spectacular prop - the oversized veil - adds to the wow factor of your performance, but poses logistical challenges.  If you would like to add the veil to the opening of the dance, Neon discusses the technique and how to ensure safety of movement with this prop to make your performance flawless. She has also worked out for you the smooth transition to the non-veiled portion of your dance so that you can captivate your audience with the mysterious and evocative opening, and then showcase your dancing without the limitations of handling a dance prop.

This choreography features sophisticated hip work, flowing footwork and turns, and  a wide array of evocative arm patterns and statuesque poses.