"Femme Fatale How-To: Makeup, Hair, and Modeling" DVD

"Femme Fatale How-To: Makeup, Hair, and Modeling" DVD

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New York dancer and make-up / costume champion Jenviva

The definitive A-to-Z instruction of how to achieve the dazzling Femme Fatale look all the make-up...all the hair styling...all the accessories and how to wear them.

Three different Femmes Fatales

  • Victorian Vampire

  • Flapper Vamp

  • Gothic Lolita

"Femme Fatale How-To" is a colorful video workshop on creating a personal fantasy image through makeup, hair design, accessories and styling, developed by New York dancer, makeup artist and stylist Jeniviva. Whether you are interested in creating dazzling and mysterious femme fatale looks for creative projects, parties or role play events, or just want to add an extra swirl of imaginative flair to your everyday makeup and styling, Jeniviva's program will enrich your creative and aesthetical vision, offer a treasury of tips and tricks, and encourage you to play, experiment and bring forth the bold and captivating femininity hiding beneath our everyday image.

Jeniviva shows you step-by-step how to create three fantasy looks: Victorian Vampire Femme Fatale, Flapper Vamp, and Gothic Lolita. She demonstrates meticulously all stages of makeup application, from base makeup to decorative accents, teaches you methods of color, texture and tools selection; offers tutorials on hair styling and ideas for costuming and accessorizing your look on a budget, often using items you can find in your own closet.

The Femme Fatale makeup tutorials are great for learning the basics of professional makeup application as well as many advanced techniques. Trying all three of these diverse looks will open your eyes on the amazing image- and mood-shaping potential of makeup, as well as individual traits of your facial structure and coloration, and ways to enhance the best features and hide the flaws. The three hair design tutorials focus on three different ways of creating special effects - natural-style hair for the Victorian look, retaining your natural texture and color, and decorated with period accessories; sleek finger waves for the Victorian Vamp image (an amazing technique demonstration by New York City hair stylist and image consultant Jamie J.); and clip-on hair falls, extensions and accessories for the Gothic Lolita look. Over 3 hours long, Jeniviva's video workshop is generous, entertaining, down-to-earth, great to play with on your own, or to use as a basis for a "girls' night in" party. It will tune up your enthusiasm for trying new looks, boost your confidence, and encourage you to share the joy of your creativity with your circle, family and friends.