"Fantasy Belly Dance: Magic - 3 Advanced Choreographies" DVD

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"Fantasy Belly Dance: Magic - 3 Advanced Choreographies" DVD

World Dance New York's Fantasy Belly Dance: MysteryMagic, and Desire are a series of NINE INTERMEDIATE-ADVANCED LEVEL belly dance choreography instructions: NINE full expert choreographies you can learn, enjoy, and use in your own performances. The nine choreographies are grouped on three DVDs. Each choreography can also be obtained individually as a instant video stream rental.  

FANTASY BELLY DANCE: MAGIC - Regal presence, secret knowledge, powerful spell

1. Autumn Ward performs and teaches: ENCHANTRESS...for three months worldwide instant video streaming select first $7.99 video stream at right.

Autumn's performance

The story of this belly dance choreography

Choreography demonstration

Choreography step-by-step

2. Isidora Bushkovski performs and teaches WARRIOR PRINCESS (a Sword choreography)...for three months worldwide instant video streaming select second $7.99 video stream at right.

Isidora's performance

Concept: Isidora explains the Warrior Princess theme

Tips on belly dancing with the sword

Body conditioning for sword dance

Choreography demonstration

Demonstration from the back

Choreography step-by-step

3. Ariellah performs and teaches Kali: Creator and Destroyer (a Tribal Fusion / Gothic choreography...for three months worldwide instant video streaming select third $7.99 video stream at right.

Ariellah's performance

The story of the Kali choreography

Expression in Gothic belly dance

Choreography demonstration

Choreography step-by-step

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The belly dance styles presented by these nine top instructors range from Classic Belly Dance to Fusion, Tribal, and Gothic.

Instruction includes step-by-step breakdown of each dance and practice with music (or music and vocal prompts) for each combination.

Each choreography conjures up an evocative archetypal image, and emphasizes story-telling through dance. In addition to a full breakdown of every choreography and step-by-step movement instruction, each choreagraphy instruction segment includes a demonstration of each dance, comments in-depth from the instructor, as well as a full theater performance in costume.

Additional features enrich each instructor's section: Ayshe and Isidora offer tips on the use of hand veils, the sword, and 'wings-of-Isis.'  You will learn about body conditioning for dance, emotional expression, and projecting a message to an audience through dance.  Sera Solstice discusses the development of 'meaningful dance,' Darshan demonstrates creating a sacred space for your dance, the value of dance as a personal ritual, and more.

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