"Exotic Dance: The Irresistible Art" DVD with Lady M

"Exotic Dance: The Irresistible Art" DVD with Lady M

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Salutations dahlin'...! Welcome to Exotic Dance: The Irresistible Art. In this program I reveal a little bit of everything – and so will you! We’ll learn many stunning exotic moves and string them together into an amazing dance flow.

Each move is presented step-by-step, and as you dance through each section you will learn an entire exotic dance routine complete with a dynamic entrance, sexy floorwork and an elegant striptease lap dance. All you need to practice the striptease portion of the routine is a button-up shirt and a miniskirt, and if you would like to try the interactive moves and tricks I will teach you, get your favorite teddy bear to be your audience!

The routine is divided into 4 easy-to-learn segments. Once you are comfortable with the combos, you can follow me through the entire routine adding tried & true techniques to make your dance absolutely irresistible.

Peace dahlin’
– Lady Morrighan (Morgan Marcum)