Exotic Dance Instruction & Fitness 3-DVD Set - Lady Morrighan


More women have learned the professional moves of exotic dance from Lady M than from any other instructor in the world.  In World Dance New York's EXOTIC DANCE BUNCH you will receive three exotic dance instruction & fitness programs created by the one and only Lady Morrighan:

The Exotic Dance Workout

Exotic Dance - The Irresistible Art

Exotic Dance - Private Dancer

The Exotic Dance Workout video / DVD is a fitness-format program - standing dance moves, floorwork and chair + choreographed dance at the end. But it has step-by-step instruction for every move right in the flow of the workout, with the music. 

Exotic Dance - The Irresistible Art ( video / DVD) is an instructional program teaching you an entire exotic dance routine complete with a dynamic entrance, sexy floorwork and an elegant striptease lap dance.

Exotic Dance - Private Dancer (video / DVD) focuses on interactive exotic dance performance, including Chair Dance, Challenging Floorwork, and a segment on how to give an exciting, interactive Couch Dance.

Enjoy! ;D

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