Eternal Spring: A Beginner Belly Dance Choreography by Neon - Instant Streaming Video

Eternal Spring: A Beginner Belly Dance Choreography by Neon - Instant Streaming Video

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Neon's Eternal Spring is a sensual, slow belly dance ciftetelli choreography and step-by-step breakdown, perfect for absolute beginners.

The dance has a dreamlike romantic flow following a beautiful flute melody, and features all the basic groups of belly dance moves, both fluid and percussive.  

The breakdown of the choreography is accompanied by a detailed explanation and demonstration of classic belly dance steps and ways to weave them together into attractive combinations. The practice section features a beat counter, helpful in learning dance rhythm and timing.  If you are not familiar with standard belly dancing terminology, you will see the names of each step and transition displayed on screen.

As you are learning and practicing dance steps, Neon also focuses on the count. Counting is a simple but essential skill that will help you learn proper pacing and the structure of the ciftetelli rhythm. As you follow Neon in the practice section,  you can check your timing against the beat counter on screen and learn the style of movement that flows in harmony with the ciftetelli rhythm and brings out its beauty through perfectly-placed accents and transitions.

Neon’s dance style is highly evocative. Her choreography teaches you to use belly dance steps as words and phrases of a language to tell your own story echoing the theme of spring, awakening of the senses, wonder at the beauty of nature and the mysteries of the universe.

Music: 'Nay Taksim" from album 'Nourhan Cairo.' The ‘Eternal Spring’ choreography / breakdown is also  available as part of the instructional video 'You Can Belly Dance’ by Neon.