Egyptian Belly Dance Intermediate-Advanced 3-DVD set

Egyptian Belly Dance Intermediate-Advanced 3-DVD set

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 Vintage Belly Dance

Belly Dance Egyptian Style - The Baladi

Modern Oriental Belly Dance

 A sought-after belly dance instructor and performer, Lady Morrighan, who has always admired the early stars of Egyptian Danse Orientale such as Samia Gamal, Taheya Carioca, and Naima Akef, sums up their technique and styling as ‘classic presentation of the dance.  In Vintage Belly Dance - Technique & Styling from the Golden Era Lady M generously shares her research in the vintage dance vocabulary, styling, and expressivity, teaching a wide array of moves, combinations, and body language elements that capture different facets of vintage dance. Lady Morrighan assembles the choreographic material she teaches in Vintage Bellydance into three dances varying in mood and stylistic nuance. All three are set to the music of Eddie ‘The Sheik’ Kochak, one of the pioneers of belly dance music in the United States, who started adapting Arab classics and folk songs for performers in American nightclubs in 1940s.

Created by Ranya Renee, New York City-based star performer and instructor of Arabic-style belly dance, The Baladi: Belly Dance Egyptian Style is a comprehensive program that will immerse you in the beautiful world of traditional Egyptian dance music, soulful and spirited baladi improvisation, and delicious, dynamic moves! This nearly 5-and-a-half-hour-long 2-DVD set (or Internet-delivered video stream) covers the structure, rhythms and musical flavors of typical baladi progressions, teaches the essential technique and dance vocabulary of baladi, and provides drills for developing your own improvisational practice.

Modern Oriental dance is characterized by powerful technique, step combinations, floor patterns and a focus on choreography, as well as a contemporary musical sensibility. In this program, Ranya Renee, New York-based star performer and instructor of Egyptian Oriental dance, teaches two Modern Oriental Dance choreographies – a beginner version and a longer intermediate / advanced version – as the focus of this video program. Each choreography is broken into combinations that are taught step-by-step, with practice drills to get the movements of the choreographies into your body.